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We acknowledge, respect and safeguard the privacy right of all the user and make dedicated efforts to protect your personal information. We strive to provide a high level of security and privacy in the collection and handling the users personal information and the personal information of all consumers visiting our site. This privacy policy explains how we collect, use and protect information about our users and all the consumers visiting our website. We request you to read it attentively. By using the website or the services on it you herby consent to this Privacy policy and agree to the terms.

Information: What is the use of your personal Information by us.

Companies have the free will to decide how they are sharing your personal information. On the other hand consumers have the free will to limit some sharing, this may not apply in all cases. We are devoted to informing you about how we gather, share, and protect your information. We encourage you to read this policy thoroughly to understand our practices.

The personal information that is gathers by us and is shared with our third-party lender or lender affiliates varies depending on whether your just browsing our website or actually go through the submitting a loan request form on our website. This information typically included but not limited to:

  • Information like your name, birthdate and age including whether you are 40 or older.
  • Driver license numbers or other identification forms. Not alwasy but you might be also asked to share your social security number.
  • Info related to employment or income. Also Active Military status or history.
  • Banking information such as account info.
  • Information used to get in touch with you such as email, phone, address. Also this may include the time at the residence.
  • Loan related information that could be loan amount, use of the loan, time to be contacted. Sometimes your contact preference.

We may use some of your date for tracking such as:

  • Ip addresses (internet Protocol)
  • Type of application or type of browser
  • Internet Provider
  • Time the application submitted and date
  • Pages that referred you to our website or that you navigated to after visiting our website. Also the activity on our website.

How we use geography location date (Geolocation Data)

Websites and companies such as our require sharing users personal information to conduct our daily operations. When we share personal information for business or compensation purposes, we enter into a contract that outlines the purpose and requires the recipient to maintain the confidentiality of that information. In the next section we provide an overview of the reason we use and share users personal information and whether you have the option to limit this sharing.

How we use Your Personal Information

The use of your information might be for one or more of the following purposes:

  • To accomplish the purpose of which the information is provided. For example to give you personal information to connect you with a lender to get you a loan of your choice. This information is used to make an effort to connect you with a lender.
  • To supply you with information, products or services that you might request from us. For instance to give you information about loans in response to the loan application.
  • We will send you email alerts and other notification regarding our products, services, events and new that might be of interest for you. This information may be about other financial products or services.
  • We try to enhance our site and tailor its connected that might match your need which includes but not limited to creating a account for you, showing you content that might benefit you.
  • We may use this information to test, research and develop products for future use.
  • To help our systems and algorithms.
  • We use the information to detect, prevent, and investigate fraudulent, harmful, unauthorized, unethical, or illegal activities, including cyberattacks and identity theft.
  • The information is used as require to safeguard our right, property or safety, as well as the right and property or safety of our clines or others.
  • We use the information to comply with law enforcement requests and any legal requirements, court orders, or government regulations.
  • As stated to you when the information is collected.
  • We use the information to evaluate and execute transactions such as mergers, divestitures, restructuring, reorganization, dissolution, or other sale or transfer of our assets, including personal information, whether it’s as a going concern or as part of bankruptcy, liquidation, or similar proceeding.
  • Some of the information might be used for creating account using information you provided helping you if you need any future loans on our website or affiliates websites. We may use your information in other ways that you might of consented to. For more info visit our ad disclosures.

How we disclose your personal Information

  • To streamline our daily business operations and help you in connecting with a lender and simplifying not only current loan request but also any future request. By doing that we share your personal information.
Do We share your information Is there a way to limit our sharing.
YES When a loan application is submitted your not able to.

After the process of the loan you can limit sharing.
  • To promote our products and service for marketing purposes.
Do We share your information Is there a way to limit our sharing.
YES When a loan application is submitted your not able to.

After the process of the loan you can limit sharing.
  • To help our affiliates and partners in their daily operations and to promote our products and services to you for the purpose of marketing.
Do We share your information Is there a way to limit our sharing.
  • To promote loan offers to you on behalf of non-affiliates in response to a loan request submitted by you.
Do We share your information Is there a way to limit our sharing.
YES When a loan application is submitted your not able to.

After the process of the loan you can limit sharing.
  • To promote other financial products or services such as credit repair, debt relief, credit cards, and banking services to you on behalf of non-affiliates
Do We share your information Is there a way to limit our sharing.
  • To comply with legal requirements and respond to court orders and legal investigations as mandated by the law.
Do We share your information Is there a way to limit our sharing.

Disclosing sensitive personal information

As its described in this section.

Confidential personal information is any information that is concerning or referring to you such as:

Social security numbers
Financial institution account numbers.
Credit or debit car info
Taxpayer identification
Passport Number or other government issued id
Drivers license number
Date of birth
All or any other information that can be used to gain access to your financial account or incur charges for good or services. Which may include intermediaries such as telecommunication service providers.

“Financial Product or Service” refers to any product, service, plan, or program that is represented, either explicitly or implicitly, as a means to:

  1. Provide a loan or other credit to consumers, or help them obtain one
  2. Provide credit, debit, or stored value cards to consumers, or help them obtain them
  3. Improve, repair, or assist in the improvement or repair of a consumer’s credit record, credit history, or credit rating
  4. Provide information or assistance to help improve a consumer’s credit record, credit history, or credit rating.

We will not disclose your Sensitive Personal Information to any third party unless:

  1. You have requested a Financial Product or Service
  2. The disclosure is essential for the third party to provide the requested Financial Product or Service
  3. You have given your explicit and informed consent for the disclosure
  4. We have performed the necessary screening of the recipients of your Sensitive Personal Information.

However, we may be required to disclose your Sensitive Personal Information under certain legal circumstances, such as in response to court orders or legal investigations.

List of Non-affiliates or other places we may share your information to.

  • Loan providers or networks of loan providers.
  • Representatives officially designated by lenders to handle their financial transactions and records.
  • Technology companies that might offer loans who are in partnership with lensed banks.
  • Other business that help us facilitate marketing or other business that help us with our day to day.

If your looking to limit the amount of sharing we do you can email us so we can help you. You have to understand once you submit a loan application we still share information as per the guidelines outlines in this notice. Despite that you are able to contact us and restrict the sharing of your personal information.

Some information we do not gather or distribute which can change at any time. The following information related to you with do collect is signatures, physical characteristics or descriptions, government identification numbers, medical records or personal insurance information.

We aim to take protection of privacy of our website user seriously and have set a few procedures in place to address any concerns you may have regarding breaches of this policy. If you feel that we have not adhered to this Policy with regards to your personal information or have any queries about your privacy with us, please get in touch with us using the contact information provided below. If you are reporting a violation of this Policy, please provide as much detail as possible about the issue, while withholding any sensitive information about yourself or other parties. Easiest to contact us would be with our email

To help protect our users personal information form unpermitted access and usage, we use secure website builders and limit the the amount of user able to access the website. There are some personal information we collected when you create an account, request loan, provide information on our forms, use our website, get in touch with us directly, when you submit application on different websites that we affiliate with.

Why aren’t you able to restrict all sharing when a loan application is submitted, the reason for that we need to share your personal information with the lenders and lender networks we works with which helps them to decide on which loan to give to you. That being said your able to submit to us to limit the amount of sharing we do.


Affiliates: are companies that are affiliate attached or connected, in most cases are affiliate are companies that offer affiliate marketing which they pay a commission for referral sales made by person promoting their good or services.

Non-Affiliates: are companies that are not associated with a particular group or organization. These organization are service providers, cobranded partners, financial service companies, data companies, advertisers and such.

Storage of personal data can vary depending on factors and will all have a different time frame. Factors may include but are not limited to things such as to loan log in to make it easier to streamline your log in and loan process in future. To fulfill the terms of service you agreed to, for lawful purposes outlines in this policy, to comply with relevant laws, to protect and assert our legal rights.

California residents: We will not disclose your information to third-party non-affiliates except for regular business operations, promoting our products and services to you, or with your permission. Refer to the section “For California Residents Only” for further information.
For Vermont Residents: We will not disclose your information to non-affiliated third parties except as allowed by law or with your permission. We will not share credit information about you to our affiliates without your consent or as mandated or permitted by law.
Cookies: are small files that are store on the site visitors computer. This file will contain information about the visitor. Visitors will have the option to decline cookies, but this can stop them from accessing certain parts of the website. Cookies are used by us to track user behavior and improve the visitors experience on the website. Cookies that are serviced on our site are linked to personal information provided by visitors. Our partners and affiliates may also use cookies on their sites, but we do not have control or information about the cookies set by third parties.
Other Sharings: We cannot ensure that all of your information will not be revealed in ways not outlined in this Privacy Policy. There may be instances where your information is disclosed due to illegal interception or transmission to a third party. Furthermore, certain legal situations may require the release of your information or other data. Additionally, as we expand and grow, we may decide to purchase additional businesses or assets which may include user information. If we or any of our assets are acquired, user information may be among the assets transferred.
Underage: Wo do not intentionally gather or disclose information from individuals or children under the age of 18. No Information is intentionally collected from children or used for any purpose, this includes marketing and promotional activities. If a parent or gradian is made aware that a person under 18 has provided us with personal information please contact us and provide us with their contact information.
Unsubscribe: You are able to request to have your information removed form our contact list at any time without any explanation needed. To stop receiving future commination from us and have your information removed from our database please be sure to contact us and provide your contact information.
Website updates: There may be updates not only to the website but to this or any other policy’s on our websites. We rese5rve the right to modify this privacy policy at any time if we make any significant changes to our information we will update the information accordingly. We recommend that you your revies our policy each time you visiting our site or use any of our services. By using our site or our services you agree to our term of our current privacy policy.

California Residents Only

If you are a California resident, you have the right to request information about how we have collected and used your personal information over the past 12 months. This might include information about the categories of personal information we have collected from you, the source of the information, the reasons for collecting or sharing the information, and the third parties with whom we might of shared the information with. You also have the right to request specific pieces of personal information that we have collected like data portability request.

After receiving and verifying your request as a California resident, we will delete any personal information we have collected and retained about you with certain exceptions. We might not be able to delete your information if it is necessary for us or our service providers to complete a loan request or fulfil our contract with you, detect security incidents, protect against illegal or fraudulent activity, debug products, or comply with California Electronic Communication privacy act.

To unutilized your right for access of information, data portability and deletion personal information as a California Resident, you can send us a email with setting subject California resident exercising access, data portability, or deletion right. This request can be made only by a verifies consumers and can be only used by a person or have authorized act on your behalf who is register with California secretary of state. California residents are limited to tow verifiable consumer requests for access or data portability within 12 months. For us to process a verifiable consumer request it must include sufficient information to verify your identity or that your authorized to represent as the person about whom we collected personal information, detailed description of the request your trying to make, allow us to understand, evaluate and respond property. We will not fulfill your request or proceed you with personal information you have requested if for some reason we are not able to verify you identity or identify your authority to make the request and confirm that the personal information is about you. There won’t be any additional fees for per4ocessing or responding to your verifiable consumer request, unless the request is excessive, repetitive, or unfounded. In such cases, we will inform you of the reason for the fee and provide an estimate of the cost to proceeding with the request.

As a resident in California, you have the right to opt-out of the sale of your personal information at any time by sending an email to us at with the subject California Resident Information opt out.

We will not take any discriminatory action against you for exercising any of your rights under the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 or any other rights provided to you in this “For California Residents Only” section.

We are not tacking the users over time and across third-party websites, and thus do not respond to any Do Not Track (DNT) signals. But we do use third-party services, such as fakebook analytics, google, analytics, our third party affiliate partners such as good or fakebook that may keep track of your browsing activities. If interested in learning more about the tacking policies be sure to view information on their website, not that not all sites might be listed to learn more view our list of partners.

As California residents civil code section § 1798.83 allows user who use this site can request certain information about the sharing of their personal information with third parties for direct marketing purposes. To get such a request please email us at

Tax Affiliate disclaimer

The information provided on this website is for general informational purposes only and is not intended to be relied upon as tax or financial advice. The content on this website is provided by third-party affiliates, and we do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of any information or content provided by our affiliates. We may earn a commission when you click on links on this website and make a purchase through our affiliate partners. However, the price you pay for any products or services purchased through our affiliate links will not be affected in any way. We strongly recommend that you consult with a qualified tax professional before making any financial decisions or taking any action based on the information provided on this website or through our affiliate links. We are not responsible for any errors or omissions in the information provided by our affiliates or for any financial losses or damages that may occur as a result of using this website or our affiliate links. By using this website and clicking on any affiliate links, you acknowledge and agree to the terms of this disclaimer. If you do not agree with the terms of this disclaimer, you should not use this website or click on any affiliate links.

Disclaimer: We make every effort to ensure the accuracy and currency of our information. However, the information presented may differ from what you find when you visit a financial institution, service provider, or product site. We do not provide warranties for any financial products, shopping products, or services. When reviewing offers, please carefully read the terms and conditions of the financial institution. Pre-qualified offers are not binding. If you notice any discrepancies in your credit score or report, please contact TransUnion® directly. Our partners compensate us for featuring their products on our site, and this may affect the products we write about and their placement on the page. However, this does not influence our evaluations, and our opinions remain independent.

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