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What is credit repair?

As you know a good credit score is really significant in your credit journey and day-to-day to most individuals.

A credit score is like a 3-digit rating which can have a huge impact on important life factors such as getting an apartment, purchasing a home, or even getting insurance.

A lower credit score can cause obstacles to obtaining your goals or making your life more difficult to deal with. 

A credit repair program may be the right answer for you if your credit journey has been negatively impacted by late payments, outstanding debts, or negligence.  You have the option of fixing your credit score yourself by trial and error.

Or engaging in the simple service of a credit repair company.  Companies or firms that rebuilt credit usually act as your representative, informing you about your credit score and factors contributing to it. 

The first act on your behalf is to fix your credit by negotiating with creditors and credit reporting agencies to eliminate the negative records, resolve disputes and ultimately assist you with restoring your credit score permanently. 

Watch out for the numerous credit repair scam companies in existence and be sure to do your own research before agreeing to any services.

Each credit repair agency will operate differently, some may ask for payment in advance, while others may pressure you or lead you to engage your credit journey in an unethical way, beware of credit repair companies who tell you to challenge accurate information on your credit report and if they are offering promises to you such as a new credit account. 

To assist individuals with their credit journey there was some regulation made by the Credit Repair Organizations Act (CROA).

As a result of this CROA act, there are laws that mandate credit repair companies to comply with certain regulations as providing you with all of your legal rights, giving you a 3-day cancellation period, and making you aware of all costs upfront.

If the credit repair companies fail to comply with their promise you are offered several options such as the right to file a lawsuit, seek punitive damages, and join a class action lawsuit against them.

If you are ready to improve your credit score and get a trustworthy credit repair agency that is ready to assist you. You can continue on this page to learn more about the function of these companies and what to expect. 

Limitation Of Credit Repair companies

Having a company handle or assist you with credit issues sounds convenient it’s always known what to expect. Credit repair companies can definitely help you with your credit but it’s important to know their restrictions. 

  • Credit repair agencies collaborate with creditors and credit bureaus to enhance credit and remove negative information, but these steps can be taken independently without paying for credit repair services. Direct negotiation with lenders is also possible and may even be preferred by some lenders over third-party involvement.
  • Credit repair companies will strive to remove inaccurate information from your credit reports, but if the information is accurate it cannon be removed. It’s not guaranteed to get information removed from your credit reports. 
  • Credit repair companies are able to help you get out of your debt and assist you with repairing your credit, but don’t offer financial advice or help you budget your finances. Be sure to check what service you need before signing up for anything. 


Repair your credit

Will credit repair work for you?

Credit repair can increase credit scores and resolve past credit issues. Given sufficient time, it can be effective for anyone by collaborating with the credit repair agency to implement changes such as reducing debt and timely bill payments.

Free copies of your credit reports from all three agencies can be obtained online through AnnualCreditReport.com without relying on credit repair services. Improving credit can also be achieved independently by paying off overdue debts, making timely payments, and reducing debt balances.

What are the services offered by credit repair companies?

Credit repair companies do not offer services that are beyond your capabilities, but they do serve a crucial purpose for individuals who find it daunting to repair their credit on their own.
Consumers may choose to seek the assistance of a credit repair company for various legitimate reasons, such as removing fraudulent accounts from their credit report, correcting wrongly combined credit accounts belonging to another person, and rectifying inaccurately reported bankruptcies.
Reputable credit repair companies can and will help consumers by examining their credit reports, finding negative information, doing an interview with the consumer, and obtaining any information that can help the individual from removing damaging information from their credit history.
Afterward, they will prepare the necessary documentation to give to the credit bureaus to dispute the errors. In those letters, they will identify mistakes on the credit report and explain why the information is false and misleading and what it should be updated to. 
Here are some things credit companies are able to do on your behalf.
  • Obtain your credit report from the 3 credit reporting bureaus as Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion
  • Revise your credit report and make a game plan for the best way to fix your credit. 
  • Assisting you with using all of your federal consumer protection laws and fixing unfair debt collection practices. 
  • Educating you on how to best use your credit score.
  • Negotiating your debts with creditors.
  • Removing inaccurate information from your credit report. 
  • Fixing your credit limits.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Time frame for credit repair?

It's hard to determine the time frame for credit repair due to there being too many factors such as credit score, what time of credit issues you have and the amount of money you own. To get a time estimate you need to speak with a credit repair company to help you determine what would be the best route to take.

Ways to determine if the credit repair company is trust worthy?

To determine if a credit repair company is safe be sure to check if that agency is compliant with the Credit Repair Organization act, according to the CROA the companies are required to explain your legal right with a written contract and also show you services they will perform. They must also provide a 3-day cancelation without charge and give you an estimate of how long it will take. Other steps to take can be researching the company's reputation online, reading online reviews, ask for references.

Can I fix my own credit score?

While credit repairs do a lot of work you able to do the same thing they are. You can find free articles on how to do the same exact thing online.

Will viewing or checking my current credit score hurt me?

When checking your credit score you will not be penalized or get points taken away. You able to view your credit score for free with any of the main agencies like Experian, Equifax, and Transunion.

How long does information stay on my credit?

Good information like paid account usually stay on your credit report for around 10 years. Bad information will usually only stay for around 7 years.

How does credit score work?

There are a few variables used when they determine your credit scores such as your payment history and the money you own. Usually, payment history will make up a pretty big chunk of your credit score around 35%. On the other hand your credit utilization ratio so the amount you own compared to your credit limits makes up another 30 percent. Other factors may include the length of your credit accounts, how much new credit you have, and different types of credit you carry.

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