It is highly suggested that take your time carefully ready and study this entire page thoroughly before using our services, so that you fully comprehend all of our advertising policies and practices. Please read the ad disclosure.

Ad Disclosure

Initially, we share your information with the lenders in our network.

If you submit a form on our website, our in-house loan marketplace application evaluates this date and sends you to the lenders in our network which might be interested in providing a loan to individuals like you. We then might or will share your informatio9n with lenders or lending partners so they are able to determine if they are willing or how much there able to compensate us to connect them with you. If there is only one lender willing to compensate us for connecting you to them, we will connect you with that lender. If there are multiple lenders willing to pay us we will give you multiple options to choose from. However the compensations will be the main factor we will use to determine which lender we will connect you with. We are just affiliates and do not have any influence over the lender or lending partners and do not give any specific lender an approval or recommendations. Anyone connected with the lender will be directly redirected tot he lenders external network and will be able to work with the lender directly, we will expand on the network process below.

We may share your information with not only lender but with non-lender third-party networks

If your lender networks are not willing to compensate us for connecting you with them, we then proceed to share your information with our extended network of third-party lenders or networks. Which may not be direct lender to see if any of the lender s in their network are willing to compensate us to connect them with you. These lender networks are loan marketing companies that are mainly known as “Lead Aggregators”. These lender Networks work pretty simple they take your information and present it to the lenders in their network to check if any of them are willing to compensate them and indirectly us to connect you with them. If their is only one lender out of the network that is willing to compensate us for connecting you with them we will refer you with them. If there is more lenders we are giving you options to select from to see which one best works. How ever the amount a lender or lending partners are willing to pay us will be the significant factor impacting which lender network we would choose to connect you with. The lender Networks do not reveal all the names of their lenders to us, in this case we do no know which lender you would be connected with if your information would be shared through our lender network. We are also not aware of which lenders in their network they might present your information to. We try to utilize Lender Network as much as we can because this will increase chances of our user will be able to be connected with lenders. This Helps us generate financial gain from our free services for consumers.

The service providers of our Lending Partners may also handle your information.

Many of our lenders and Lender Networks (together “Lending Partners”) use service providers to manage their online consumer acquisition, facilitate their purchasing of internet traffic from websites like ours, verify your identity and information, look up your credit history, or for other reasons related to your loan request. These service providers may receive and process your data on behalf of the Lending Partners they work for. In some cases, we receive compensation from these service providers and not from the lender directly.

You may receive offers for different loan products or loan amounts

You might be connected to a lender that offers diverse loan amount, terms or retest that differ from what you prefer. If there is a lender we are able to connected you to their information will be accusable only after the form is filled out. You might be directly redirected to their site to learn more about the loan options they provide. The lenders might contact you directly using many methods such as Phone, SMS and email. You will be able to view and review their offer while making a decision to obtain a loan from them or pass on the option. We suggest that you compare the rates offered with multiple lenders to make informed decision about boring or accepting a loan.

We may display advertisements for other financial products or services.

After attempting to connect you with a lender or lending partner, we may also be presenting you with advertisement for other lenders and financial products or services such as debt relief, credit repair or credit monitoring and more. We may use some of the information you provided on our forms to determine which of these products or services we should advertise to you. If you end up clicking on the ads we will or might provide your contact information to these advertisers for them to contact you about their products or services giving you more options. These advertisers might not be provided or have access to any other information you provided on the form, but they may know that you submitted a form on the site and the type of loan your seeing whether you were connected with a lender or not.

Our advertiser are the ones that compensate our free service, the amounts we receive influences the placements of our ads shown to you. We present the ads that both will potentially benefit our users as well as to get profit for our services.

We may use third-party assistance to continue promoting financial products or services to you.

By using the services we provide, you agree to consent to be added to our marketing lists for future promotions or advertisement after you use our service. This will mean we will send you advertisement or offers for loans and other credit-related products or services, which may be sent via email, SMS, phone, postal mail or other advertising avenues. Also you understand that we might use third party advertising services to help us streamline our advertising process. These third-party advertisers will handle your contact information required to send you advertisement, the advertisement platforms will use their own technical service providers to assist in delivering the advertisement to you, which may require your contact information to be shared with additional providers.

Our advertiser are the ones that compensate our free service, the amounts we receive influences the placements of our ads shown to you. We present the ads that both will potentially benefit our users as well as to get profit for our services.

More important information about our service

Our website service does not provide access to all lender or loan products and services. You should not assume that that offer we show you are the most suitable options for you. Its always recommend that you compare all other options and make an informed decision about the best products or services that might work the best for you.

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