To get information for raters and terms you will need to refer to the lender or lending partner directly due to rate change. To obtain this information you will need to complete the loan request from the lender or lender partners which will give you the rates and fees. is only an affiliate website and will make credit decisions or determine rates and terms. You are nor requires or are not under any obligation to accept the loan offer to you by the lender or lending partners if the terms are not satisfactory for any reason.

Repaying the loan.

The repayment of personal loans or other loans are in most cases done on a monthly basis or by a weekly basis depending on the lenders or lending partners policies. It is an options and may be possible to arrange automatic withdraw from you bank account on agreed date with your lender or lending partner.

It’s extremely important to fully understand all repayment policies regarding the loan and it is important as the borrower to repay the loan. Your loan agreement cannot include a requirement for repayment through electronic funds transfer or automatic withdrawal.

It is best to consult with your lender or lending partner for more information.

What are the cost associated with a personal Loan?

Cost of the loan will vairy quite a bit depending on quite a bit of factors of lender and lending partners, state of the borrow lives and terms that the borrow selects.

Some other factors to considers is the amount borrowed, loans terms, interest rate and credit score will all effect the total cost of the loan.

Typical Terms for personal Loans

The final cost a personal loans can vary due to many factors effecting it like lender or lending partners, your information and repayment terms. Below are some examples of loans currently offer, terms may vary depending on the market and lenders.

  • Loan amounts: $1,000 – $50,000
  • Lending period: 90 days – 72 months
  • Payment frequency: Once a month or twice a month
  • Min APR: 5.99% and the Max APR: 35.99% it is import to note APR will vary based on your credit score, repayment history, and relevant factors.
  • Prepayment penalty: None in most circumstances.

Personal Loan Examples

Loan Amount: $2,000 | Repayment Period: 12 months | APR: 24% | Monthly Payment: $189.12 | Total Repaid: $2,269.44

Loan Amount: $4,000 | Repayment Period: 24 months | APR: 12% | Monthly Payment: $188.29 | Total Repaid: $4,518.96

Loan Amount: $6,000 | Repayment Period: 36 months | APR: 12% | Monthly Payment: $199.29 | Total Repaid: $7,174.29

The above figures are just examples we have used actual amounts may vary depending on many factors.


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