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Top 10 reasons you should get a personal loan.

What is a Personal Loan?

Once approved for a personal loan you fill out your account information where you want the money deposited, after which you will be sent a lump sum of money to that account. In most cases I suggest using the same account you will be paying for the loan from. The transfer may take us as much as a couple of weeks or as little as 24 hours. The monthly payment will start as soon as the money is disbursed to you. 

Loans are usually pretty simple they usually come with fixed interest rates which means as long as you pay for the loan your payments will stay the same. The most common personal loan will be an unsecured loan which means that there is no collateral backing the loan.

If you are not able to get approved for a loan like that in some cases you can use collateral to help them get approved for the loan such as a savings account, property, a car, and anything of value they can use to eliminate the risk if you stop paying.

Better yet another way to help you get approved for a personal loan would be by asking a friend or a family member to co-sign under the loan for you, helping the bank make a decision if you’re not approved.

There are many financing options available like credit cards, auto loans, and house loans. But in most cases, personal loans are used for certain situations where other loans might not work the best. Additionally, they are usually more flexible with no collateral tied to the loan which is less risky than home equity loans or car loans. 

10 Reasons to Get a personal loan.

1. Debt consolidation: This is one of the main reasons to get a personal loan. What is debt consolidation you might ask? It’s pretty simple, you apply for a loan and use that money to pay off multiple high-interest credit cards or loans getting you one payment and making it easily manageable.

Usually, personal loans are a good way to consolidate debt since you’re able to stretch an amount you own for a longer period of time giving you more manageable payments without overwhelming you.

The main advantage to using a personal loan to pay off your high-interest debt would be saving money by getting a lower interest. Which in the long run turns into dollars in your pocket.

2. Better than Payday Loans: Emergencies happen all the time, using a personal loan would be better instead of a payday loan which will not only get you a higher loan but save you hundreds of dollars in interest.

Payday loans are usually short term so around a month’s repayment, this quick turnaround time makes it difficult for borrowers to repay the loans by the due date.

That forces them to renew the loan which increases the interest owed over time. Personal Loans on the other hand have longer repayment terms and are significantly less than a payday loans. 

3. Home Remodeling: As a homeowner, you are constantly improving your home. But you don’t have to wait to get all the improvements done right, with a personal loan you’re able to complete all of your repairs like plumbing, roofing, windows, and much more.

A personal loan is a perfect fit for people who need to do a quick repair on the house or are not looking to take out a home equity loan that will put collateral on their home.

 4. Moving cost: Moving is extremely stressful and expensive cost reading from $1000 up to $5000 for a long-distance move. If you don’t have that kind of money a personal loan would be a perfect fit for you.

A Personal loan not only can help you pay for the fuel to move but also help out with the cost of rental or shipping for bigger items. Using a personal loan for moving can also help you pay some bills while missing work setting up your new home, helping you to waste your savings or take money out of investments.

5. Large Purchases: Large purchases come unexpectedly but they are a perfect item to get a personal loan on. For example, you are driving home one day and you start to hear a loud engine noise from your car.

Right after you find out the car’s engine is broken. Well, it’s time not to worry because a personal loan allows you to cover expensive car repairs, and major household appliances giving you the relief you need to continue on with your life.

6. Vehicle Financing with personal loans: You found a car that you like. It’s the perfect color, in perfect condition, and has low miles. But it’s a private seller or it’s too old to fit the bank financing criteria.

Well, that is not a problem with a personal loan, you will have nothing stopping you from acquiring the car of your dreams. With a person, you are able to negotiate the price of the car and possibly even get a better deal because essentially to the seller you’re paying in cash without emptying your savings account.

7. Emergency expenses with a personal loan: Emergencies happen when we least expect them, death of a loved one, unexpected medical bill, broken window. This is an unexpected emergency expense that can wipe out your savings account and even put you in debt.

A personal loan would be a good choice to cover that funeral, pay your doctor, and cover your insurance policy with a simple low-cost payment option.

8 Vacation Cost: Let’s be honest, a weekend getaway might not need a personal loan, but how about a trip to the Maldives that you and your significant other have been dreaming about? Or how about the Mexico trip all your friends have been talking about for the past 5 months?

Personal loans are a great way to pay for that whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, honeymoon or just having a great time with friends. Life is too short to miss out on big events and now you won’t have to with a low-cost personal loan you would be able to take that trip and have a small payment to worry about after.

9 Wedding expenses: Weddings are extremely expensive costing around $28,000 on average in 2021. If you have that kind of cash laying around that’s great. Yet most of us wouldn’t be able to pull that kind of cash out of our back pocket.

But with a personal loan, you would be able to pay for big-ticket items such as limo rentals, clothing, catering, or even a wedding venue to make sure you have the wedding of your dreams.

With a personal loan you’re not only limited to paying for the venue, you can have some left over to put towards the furniture in your new apartment or even extend your honeymoon.

10.Business Capital: Have you been dreaming about opening that candy shop, car maintenance place, or just a small business to get extra income?

Personal loans are perfect for these situations, usually, when you are just starting, people tap into savings, and borrow from people which is great but usually creates more stress in their lives.

With a personal loan, you don’t need to wait or dream about being your own boss. With an easy personal loan, you can get a jump start on building the business of your dreams.

Times to avoid getting a personal loan.

Even though a personal loan might be a great solution to most of our day-to-day problems there is some situation where that might not be the best option.

  • If you have a lower credit score. Credit scores are a big factor in the interest rate on your credit score, which means if you have a lower credit score you might be paying extremely high interest on the money you are borrowing.
  • Monthly payment is a stretch for you. Loans are designed to be paid back if you get a personal loan with a high payment and are stressed because you might not be able to afford that payment. Usually, that would be an indication that a personal loan might not be a good fit for you.

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