California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) – Opt‑Out Request

As a California resident, you have a right to request that we do not sell your personal information to third parties, as per the California Consumer Privacy Act. To understand or get more information about what information is collect on our site and how we share it, please refer to the Privacy Policy of the website If you are a California resident and are interested in Opt-out of the sale of your personal information, please fill out and summit the form provide below.

Note: Upon submitted this form our team will follow up with you via email address to confirm the information, then we will review your request and will not sell you information to any third parties if the information provided matches out records. We will try to process and act on all varied request within 45 days of reviving this form and verification. Please understand if you have filled any information out on our third party lender or lending affiliates website you will need to contact them directly. You also understand that when you submit this form you attest that you have read the instruction property and accurately, all the information provided is correct, and you are the personal that submitted the form.

california opt out request form

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