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Are you considering a personal loan for credit card debt?

In an ideal world, people would have the ability to handle their finances in such a way that consolidating their debt wouldn’t be necessary. However, we encounter circumstances that are beyond our control, and borrowing money can be a smart way to manage our finances.

One of the main reasons why someone should borrow money is due to the high-interest rate associated with credit cards. This means that the most amount people will pay on their credit card would be interest and a small portion towards the principal.

This can put the borrower in a cycle of debt which will make it hard for them to pay off the loan. Credit card companies usually provide a low minimum payment which is just a few percent of your total balance, this might seem convenient but will take years to pay off the debt with the interest constant thousands.

That’s why it’s important to consolidate your credit card debt with a personal loan. Personal loans offer lower interest rates than credit cards and longer terms helping you have a much more manageable payment.

Before accepting or considering any loan offers be sure to look into all your options to make sure you’re making a small financial decision.

Brainy Loans

When is it smart to use a personal loan to consolidate your debt?

Consolidating your debt with a personal loan can be a great option for someone looking to reduce the amount of interest they pay and simplify their debt. By getting a personal loan you will receive an amount that you will use to pay off your existing debt.

This will help you combine your outstanding debts into one single monthly payment with a fixed interest rate. Even though you’re just replacing one debt for another there are many advantages to doing so.

Usually, personal loans will come with lower interest rates, easy payment, and in most cases better conditions. Over-consolidating your debt could be a smart choice for many borrowers and should be taken into consideration.

Here are some ways consolidating your debt with a personal loan will be beneficial:

Able to receive a lower interest rate.

Having a good credit score is an important factor when it comes to qualifying for low-interest personal loans. The higher the credit score the better terms you will be offered which can be beneficial for paying off your debt.

With a personal loan, you will usually have a lower APR which will help you save money. The average rate for personal loans would be 10.81 while for credit cards average will be 19.91 which is double for personal loans.

By consolidating credit card debt with a personal loan, you are able to receive a lower rate and this will save you hundreds on your overall debt cost. Reducing the interest rate on your loan can have an impact on your finances and its ability to benefit you by lowering your payment, reducing the total interest you pay, and helping you pay off the loan faster.

On top of that personal loans will come with a fixed rate meaning that the cost of the rate will not change for the life of the loan, helping you plan easier for the expense. Debt consolidation loans might be the right option be sure to compare rates with a different lender before applying.

You get one easy payment. 

Having multiple credit cards with different payments and APR can be challenging to manage. It’s important to keep up with all your payment to make sure you protect your credit profile.

However, taking a personal loan to consolidate your debt will help you get one more manageable payment giving you one payment to worry about. Personal loans help you pay off all your credit card debt and just give you one payment.

Usually, personal loans are with much better interest rates helping you save extra in the long run. Due to the high interest on credit cards, you might be only contributing towards interest but with a personal loan, your payment will have interest and principal combined into one single payment.

Lowers your payments. 

If you’re finding it hard to keep up with your credit card payment and other debts. A personal loan can be an effective solution. Since personal loans often come with lower interest rates, that makes them a more affordable option for debt consolidation.

When taking out a personal loan you might be able to secure a lower payment by selecting a longer term, which in turn can make it easier to keep up with your payments. So combining lower interest and longer terms will help you to have a more affordable payment every month.

It is important to consider when you choose longer-term they often will come with higher interest rates which will result in a higher overall loan amount.

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Situations where a personal loan isn’t the best solution.

Personal loans are not always the end-all solution to your problem. Each situation is different and there might be a better option for consolidating your debt out there for you.

Here are some reasons why you should consider other options instead of personal loans:

Small amount: If you have a small credit card debt amount you should consider other options such as borrowing from a friend, zero interest balance transfer card, a 401k loan or even tapping into your savings.

These are some good options to consider before applying for a loan to help you save money on your loan option. For example, if you get a zero balance transfer card it will often come with a promotion such as zero transfer for the first year, which means you can use the funds for a year free.

This will be a lot cheaper than getting a personal loan because it comes with interest. Before agreeing on any offer be sure to consider other alternatives available to you. 

Bad habits: If you have a habit of spending too many personal loans might not be the right option for you. If you pay off your current debt but then replace it with new debt this will only make your situation worse because now you have a new loan to pay for.

Before applying for a loan make a game plan on how you will pay off this debt and protect yourself from making the same mistakes in the future. 

Brainy Loans

What can help you get a personal loan?

Personal loans are an amazing tool to have, but it’s important to understand what lenders are looking for from borrowers. To increase your chances significantly of getting approved for a low-interest personal loan you should have a good credit score, stable income, and low debts.

Meeting all of the 3 criteria will give you a large option of lenders to choose from helping you compare and select the lender that gives you the best terms. There are many lenders out there that offer personal loans and it’s important to compare your options to make sure you’re getting the best loan for your situation.

Another great way to increase your chances of approval would be either by adding a co-signer or applying for a lower amount. Be sure to prepare all of your documentation such as identification, proof of income, and other documents that the lender will need. This will help you speed up your approval process and secure the funds you need.

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