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Top options to consider instead of a short-term loan.

Many people will be in a situation where they might need some money for an emergency that arose in their life.

When you are in that situation a short-term loan might seem like a good option, but getting a loan can cost you extra if you’re not prepared. Short-term loans might be good options for some but you should always consider other options before making a final decision of what to do.

Here are the top options to consider instead of a short-term loan:

1. Using Family Or friends to get funds.

Having a supportive family member can be immensely helpful in life. If you find yourself in a difficult situation, don’t hesitate to ask your loved ones for assistance.

Borrowing funds from a family can be advantageous since there is usually no interest charged. Furthermore, borrowing from family members allows for greater flexibility in repayment, which can help you recover more quickly.

However, when borrowing from family, it is essential to be transparent and repay the funds promptly to maintain a healthy relationship.

To put your family members at ease, consider creating a loan agreement that outlines crucial information such as the monthly payment, loan amount, and repayment period. Also, make sure to borrow the entire amount needed to avoid repeated conversations and trips.

2. Check your savings.

In addition to borrowing from family, having a savings account or an emergency fund can be an excellent option instead of taking out a loan. If you have a rainy day fund, it can be a great option to consider when you need some money.

You are able to cover unexpected expenses and make a plan on how to pay them back. This will help you access money without incurring any interest.

3. Get a PAL Loan.

Furthermore, many of us may not have heard of a PAL, which stands for a payday alternative loan. However, this type of loan is offered by some lenders as a better alternative to payday loans.

Borrowers who choose a PAL may be presented with lower interest rates and better repayment terms, which can help them save money. Additionally, these types of loans typically have a longer repayment period, ranging from 1 to 6 months, giving borrowers enough time to pay it back.

To qualify for a PAL, you need to be a member of a bank that offers this type of loan and not have any other PAL loans out currently. The loan amount offered by the lender ranges from $200 to $2,000, depending on the lender you apply with.

Therefore, a PAL loan could be a great option for anyone needing quick cash and trying to avoid high-interest lenders.

4. Try retirement loans.

Meanwhile, taking out a loan from your current 401k plan may not work for everyone, but it can be a viable option. A 401k retirement savings account loan is secured by the balance of your retirement account, and when borrowing, you’re able to pay back the loan with interest that is added to the loan.

These loans are a great option because not only are you able to get the money you need, but you’re also able to increase your retirement savings when you pay yourself back. The only downside to 401k loans is that if you’re not able to pay it back, you may receive penalties and potentially have to pay taxes on the amount you withdrew.

Another advantage of a retirement loan is that it typically comes with lower interest rates, which helps borrowers save money while having the loan.

5. Get a Personal Loan.

In addition to all the options available, you are also able to acquire a personal loan. Personal loans are a great option for obtaining funds because you are able to use them for anything and they often come with lower interest rates.

Many lenders offer personal loans to help individuals pay for things such as large purchases, vacations, weddings, or any emergency expenses. Personal loans usually have a long term, ranging anywhere from 1-8 years, depending on the lender.

Due to the lengthy loan period, you are able to get a lower payment, making it easier to add to your monthly expenses. When applying for a personal loan, make sure to have a good credit score to secure the best terms, or consider a co-signer to help you get the best interest rate.

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